A project in Python

I can’t tell you how many videos and books and articles I’ve consumed on Python. At first I was driving myself even crazier because I was also doing the same for Swift code. But I stopped Swift and have been focusing on Python. Unsure if I’m making progress. Not really, no. I’ll follow along withContinue reading “A project in Python”

Remote work

Why Remote Work is So Hard — and How it Can Be Fixed Cal Newport in the New Yorker on the history and future of remote work: “When only three per cent of a workforce is remote, managers can get away with business as usual. When that number climbs to thirty per cent, fundamental changesContinue reading “Remote work”

Starting out with Todoist

‪One of my young soldiers needs a certificate to be input into records so that he is promotable. If you’ve ever worked in the Army, you know how lousy the bureaucracy can be. Things fall through the cracks everyday. To counter this, more redundancy is created overlapping what is already a swamp of redundancy. IContinue reading “Starting out with Todoist”

100 Days of Code

Day 1. Let’s see if I can get this going. I’m not sure what effect OPTEMPO will have, but at least I can write a loop. ‪It’s basic to everyone else, but I’m starting out. And I got tripped up by forgetting the colon after the while. Sheesh. ‬

Lets Make a Website!

The first project, Jubilee Austen, was done and now it was time to do the Rogue Picking project. Whereas before we were given helpful guides, hints, and fill in the blank code blocks with the Jubilee Austen project, this time we were to do it all on our own. I felt confident going in. AfterContinue reading “Lets Make a Website!”


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