March 10, 2020 I launched For a half dozen or so years I’ve worked a variety of jobs that had a great synergy with each other. I ran the resilience program in the Oregon National Guard, I operated as part of a veteran resource group, I was a co-facilitator of a veteran domestic violenceContinue reading “doGooder”

Okay… let’s do this

When I return to Oregon I plan to move to southern Oregon in the Medford/Central Point region. There’s a wonderful human being down there that I am keen to get closer than a three-hour drive to. I’d would like to find what local options there may be in the region for web development, but I’ll likely spend a lot of time looking for remote/WFH/freelance. Who knows, perhaps I’ll even start my own freelance business. We’ll see. I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a metric ton of negative self-talk going on in my head. But I’ve got to put those to the side and push through.

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