Hello! I’m Eddie

I’ve changed a bit over the years since that pic, but in my heart I’m still the friendly goofball that likes dogs and Star Trek. Vince Guaraldi has a beautiful song, “Cast your fate to the wind“, and if one thing can be said of me (other than I’m goofy), it is that I’ve cast myself out there.

I spent 14 years, in four states, with four universities and two community colleges, and have Bachelors of Science degrees in Psychology and Philosophy. I LOVED getting class assignments and finding out all I could about a topic and writing a paper.

Ten years after joining the Marine Corps, I joined the National Guard. I’ve given 23 years to the military, both active duty and reserve, and have over a decade of helping veterans and families transition from military and deployment. People tell me that I should be a therapist. I love my veterans, but therapy isn’t my strength, nor passion.

I cannot believe I never saw it before, but design was always a passion of mine. While attending college in Arkansas in the mid-nineties I learned how to code HTML with just a magazine article and looking at the source code of pages that I visited on the new, and smaller, Internet. While in college in Texas, with mountains of work needed to complete, I’d still spend hours coding our honor society webpage with NotePad. I wasn’t content to just make a webpage. It had to look good, to flow, to pop.

Working in office environments, I’d work just as hard to ensure my spreadsheets not only had accurate data, but were also elegant. It is a deep belief of mine that ‘data should be beautiful’.

Over the years I’ve given hundreds and hundred of PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. Some of them were utter bombs, but some were inspired brilliance. Along the way I learned some things.

As I finish up my last overseas deployment, I am investing in a new direction, a change, an embrace of what I’ve always loved… design. Although I was there in the beginning, coding webpages by hand, a lot has changed over the years. That’s why I’m taking an online course in various aspects of web design and web development. It is my dream to design something beautiful and useful that enriches the world.

I want to do gooder.

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