Wabbit season

So there I was, up at dawn, looking at distant mountains with my cup of apple juice. I was toying around with f/ stops and shutter speed and exposure and manual focus.

A planet

There were no clouds in the sky, promising a less than dramatic sunrise. I also wished I had coffee instead of apple juice. That’s quarantine for you.

A distant generator

Along comes this little guy. I had to quickly adjust my mind to something moving toward me and hopping. I had to get off of manual mode. Because I was high on f/ I was low on shutter. A slow 1/13 second. At least this is slow compared to wabbits.

The wascally wabbit

I managed to take a dozen photos, eleven of which are unusable blurs. This one isn’t great, has some blur, but considering that I’m brand new to this mirrorless camera and the exposure triangle and all that jazz, I’m pretty happy. Hel, I just learned how to manually focus yesterday!

A dumpster.

Published by Eddie

I'm a goofball. I like Doctor Who, Star Wars (yes, all of them), and of course Firefly. I think that "Out of Gas" from Firefly is the single greatest episode of any SciFi. Closely followed by "All Great Things..." from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I'm an Apple geek. Seriously, I brought a 2013 MBP and two iPads with me on deployment. Every year I watch all the Apple Keynotes. Someday I'd like to learn Swift, as I've got some ideas for some useful apps that I'd like to use. One might find me at a coffee shop, at the LGS getting more Magic: The Gathering cards, on some trail in the mountains of Oregon, on one of my Macs, running a trail, or who knows.

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