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One Year Later

A year ago I was on a military deployment to Somalia. At that time I was uncertain about my future upon returning home. I would be retiring out of the Oregon National Guard, turning 50, and moving to a new city in southern Oregon. The economics and types of jobs in the area are not…

Taking pictures of Nighthawks before/after deployment

A year ago, in August, I was out enjoying some Oregon outside. I was soon to deploy to Somalia and I wanted to soak up some Pacific Northwest. I’d been hiking a lot and on this particular night I had a spotting scope and an adapter for my iPhone and was attempting to take a…

Wabbit season

So there I was, up at dawn, looking at distant mountains with my cup of apple juice. I was toying around with f/ stops and shutter speed and exposure and manual focus. There were no clouds in the sky, promising a less than dramatic sunrise. I also wished I had coffee instead of apple juice.…

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